Denikin A.S.

Head of Theoretical and Computational Group
Dr. Andrey Denikin

Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, 141980

Tel. : +7 (49621) 63058, Fax : +7 (49621) 65083,



Mini CV
Date and Place of Birth 24-th October 1974, Chuvash Rep., Novocheboksarsk, Russia
Marital Status Married
Nationality Russia
Position Head of Theoretical and omputational group of FLNR

Education and previous positions


Graduated from the Chuvash State University (Physics Faculty, specialisation in theoretical nuclear physics)


Fellow reseacher in Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (JINR)


Got the degree of Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics) at St. Petersburg State University. Work supervised by Professor V.I. Zagrebaev.
"Application of the semiclassical models to analysis of heavy ion nuclear reactions".


Scientific reseacher in Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (JINR)


Senior reseacher in FLNR (JINR)


Head of Theoretical and Computational Physics Group in FLNR (JINR)

2009 to present day

Dean of Natural and Engeneering Sciences Faculty in International University "Dubna" and senior reseacher in FLNR JINR

Main research areas

  • Theoretical Nuclear Physics;
  • Heavy-ion physics;
  • Quantum and semiclassical physics;
  • Direct Nuclear Reactions with Light Exotic Nuclei;
  • Few-body system and rearrangement processes;
  • Computational Physics, Numerical Methods;
  • Video-graphic computer simulation of dynamical processes (C++, Java);
  • Nuclear Soft, Developing Knowledge Base on Low Energy Nuclear Physics (NRV project)
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