Nuclear Reactions Video
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Nuclear Reactions Video
Nuclear Properties Nuclear Models Nuclear Decays Nuclear Reactions
Nuclear Map
Shell Model Alpha - decay Available beams
Liquid Drop Model Beta - decay Elastic scattering
Optical Model
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Phase analysis
Experimental Data
Java-based JS-based
Two-Center Shell Model Fission Inelastic Scattering:
DWBA model (DWUCK4 code)
Adiabatic rotational model (FRESCO code)
Coulomb excitation
Direct process (DWBA)
Channel coupling
Deep inelastic collision

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  Decay of excited nuclei Transfer reactions:
Direct process (DWBA) Java-based JS-based
Semiclassical approach (GRAZING code)
3-body classical model
Two-nucleon transfer
Massive transfer
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EPAX v.3
Break-up (DWBA)
Semiclassical model
Simulation of fragment separators
  information Fusion
Empirical model
Channel Coupling
Langevin equations
Experimental Data
Java-based JS-based
Driving potentials
Synthesis of SHE (movie)
Evaporation residues
Experimental Data
Java-based JS-based
Radiative capture
Potential model
Experimental Data
Experimental S-factors
Experimental S-factors
Pre-equilibrium LP formation
4-body classical model
Semiclassical model
Moving sources
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Nuclear databases

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