nuclear databases

Nuclear data and other useful links
may be found on the following Web sites

nndc National Nuclear Data Center
cdfe Atomic Mass Data Center
cdfe Nuclear Data Services
cdfe Centre for Photonuclear Experiments Data
(Moscow State University)
us_ndp US Nuclear Data Program
inis International Nuclear Information System
jaeri JAEA Nuclear Data Center
lund Reaction Data Database (Durham)
lund Lund Nuclear Data Service
los alamos Nuclear Data Viewer (Los Alamos)
los alamos TUNL Nuclear Data Evaluation
los alamos NACRE collaboration databases
los alamos NACRE II: European Compilation of Reactions Rates for Astrophysics
ULB: BrusLib Brussels Nuclear Library for Astrophysics applications
HiRA Group, MSU Database on (p,d) and (d,p) reactions (MSU)