Model: sudden approximation (diabatic) adiabatic

proximity + parabolic deformation energy
folding     + parabolic deformation energy
proximity + TCSM deformation energy
folding     + TCSM deformation energy

liquid drop model (LDM)
two-center shell model (TCSM)
Projectile    β2g.s.
Target   β2g.s.
Chose one, two, or three variables
      Input range of variation
                   minimum  maximum number
of points
Distance between mass centers, R
Deformation of projectile, δP
Deformation of target, δT
Unified deformation (see description), δ 
Mass asymmetry, η=(A2-A1)/(A2+A1)
Orientation of projectile in reaction plane, ΘP
Orientation of target in reaction plane, ΘT
Azimuthal orientation, φ
Neck parameter, ε recommended value:
1 (fusion), 0.35 (fission)
Basic quantities (to be changed by advanced users only)             Default values
Folding target r0(p) r0(n) a(p) a(n) amplitudes of
fin fin'
  projectile r0(p) r0(n) a(p) a(n) fex fex'
Proximity   r0(target) r0(proj) b