Model Classical   Optical  
        r0   fm     R   fm     
        r0   fm     R   fm     
 MeV  lab   cm   E/A
Experimental data
Potential forces V0vol MeV   r0vol fm   avol fm
  V0sur MeV   r0sur fm   asur fm
Proximity b fm  r0coul fm  
NRe   NIm  

Absorptive pot. W0vol MeV   r0vol fm   avol fm 
   W0sur MeV   r0sur fm   asur fm

Spin-orbit interaction

Spin  1/2 V0 MeV   W0 MeV   r0 fm   a fm
Integration parameters for classical model
Initial angle deg. Partitial waves:   b1 fm
Maximal angle deg. Sum from Lcut Rmax fm bmax fm
Step deg. to  Lmax Integration step fm Ntraj  

Fitted parameters
it is better to run first without fitting and use the option "dependence on..." (in the window of cross section)
to find a sensitivity of the cross section to a given parameter
Real part of Optical Potential Imaginary part of Optical Potential
Depth of Real Vol. Depth of Real Surf. Depth of Imag. Vol.  Depth of Imag. Surf. 
Radius of Real Vol. Radius of Real Surf.  Radius of Imag. Vol. Radius of Imag. Surf.
Diffuseness of Re.Vol. Diffus. of Re.Surf. Diffuseness of Im.Vol. Diffus. of Im.Surf.
Spin-Orbital Interaction Coulomb Interaction
Real part Radius Radius of the Coulomb Potential
Imaginary part Diffuseness Folding potential
  NRe NIm
 Maximal number of fit steps  Stop, when change is less than %