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Experimental data on elastic scattering

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48Ca + 64Ni,   EE/A=6 MeV

D. Montanari, S. Leoni, L. Corradi, G. Pollarolo, G. Benzoni, N. Blasi, S. Bottoni, A. Bracco, F. Camera,A. Corsi, F. C. L. Crespi, B. Million, R. Nicolini, O. Wieland, G. de Angelis, F. Della Vedova,E. Fioretto,A. Gadea, B. Guiot, D. Mengoni, D. R. Napoli, R. Orlandi, F. Recchia, A. M. Stefanini, R. P. Singh, J. J. Valiente-Dobon, D. Bazzacco, E. Farnea, S. M. Lenzi, S. Lunardi, G. Montagnoli, F. Scarlassara, C. Ur, G. Lo Bianco, A. Zucchiatti, S. Szilner, M. Kmiecik, A. Maj, W. Meczynski,
Physical Review, C84 (2011) 054613
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Beam quality: average intensity of 1 pnA
Target: 64Ni target, 0.98 mg/cm2 thick
Data obtained: author graph (digitized with GSYS 2.4)
The experiment has been performed at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro of INFN, using the PRISMA-CLARA setup. The 48Ca beam at 282 MeV of bombarding energy was provided by the Tandem-ALPI complex. 

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Θcm (deg)σ/σR (ratio)error (%)+δσ-δσ
15.96 1.307 54.905 0.7176 0.7176
16.99 0.8258 21.761 0.1797 0.1797
17.97 0.5948 21.756 0.1294 0.1294
18.99 0.2425 21.765 0.05278 0.05278
19.97 0.08123 30.026 0.02439 0.02439
20.96 0.02905 16.551 0.004808 0.004808
21.98 0.009112 21.763 0.001983 0.001983
22.96 0.002736 27.204 0.0007443 0.0007443