Experimental data on
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Experimental data on elastic scattering

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7Be + 27Al,   Elab=13.8 MeV

V.Morcelle, R.Lichtenthaler, R.Linares, M.C.Morais, V.Guimaraes, A.Lepine-Szily, P.R.S.Gomes, J.Lubian, D.R.Mendes Jr, P.N.DeFaria, A.Barioni, L.R.Gasques, J.M.B.Shorto, K.C.C.Pires, J.C.Zamora, R.P.Condori, V.Scarduelli, J.J.Kolata, H.Amro, F.D.Becchetti, H.Jiang, E.F.Aguilera, D.Lizcano, E.Martinez-Quiroz, H.Garcia,
Physical Review, C89 (2014) 044611
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Beam quality: no data
Target: 27Al sample with thickness of 2.1 mg/cm2
Data obtained: exported from EXFOR (#C2139)
Measurement performed at the 10-MV Tandem of the Nuclear Structure Laboratory of the University of Notre Dame, associated with the TwinSol system. 

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Θcm (deg)σ/σR (ratio)error (%)+δσ-δσ
9.5 0.58 1.725 0.01 0.01
35.8 0.64 6.25 0.04 0.04
42.4 0.55 10.91 0.06 0.06
60.3 0.38 28.948 0.11 0.11
69.6 0.34 17.648 0.06 0.06