Experimental data on
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Experimental data on elastic scattering

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6He + 209Bi,   Ecm=15.8 MeV

E. F. Aguilera, J. J. Kolata, F. D. Becchetti, P. A. DeYoung, J. D. Hinnefeld, A. Horvath, L. O. Lamm, Hye-Young Lee, D. Lizcano, E. Martinez-Quiroz, P. Mohr, T. W. O’Donnell, D. A. Roberts, G. Rogachev,
Physical Review, C63 (2001) 061603(R)
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Beam quality: Primary beam currents of up to 300 particle nA (pnA) resulted in a maximum 6He rate of 10
Target: The secondary target was a 3.2 mg/cm2 Bi layer evaporated onto a 100 mg/cm2 polyethylene backing.
Data obtained: author graph (digitized with GSYS 2.4)
The 6He beam used in the experiment was produced by the TwinSol radioactive nuclear beam facility at the University of Notre Dame. 6He is produced via the 9Be(7Li,6He) reaction.  

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Θcm (deg)σ/σR (ratio)error (%)+δσ-δσ
44.8 0.97928 2.116 0.020715 0.020715
106.2 0.79433 9.938 0.078934 0.078934
122 0.76176 8.033 0.061185 0.061185
135.6 0.59255 9.938 0.058883 0.058883
151.9 0.56826 8.033 0.045643 0.045643