Experimental data on
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Experimental data on elastic scattering

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14N + 60Ni,   Elab=92 MeV

G.J. Balster, P.C.N. Crouzen, P.B. Goldhoorn, R.H. Siemssen, H.W. Wilschut,
Nuclear Physics, A468 (1987) 93-130
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The experiments were performed with 14N beams of 92, 236 and 309 MeV from the KVI isosynchronous cyclotron. 

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Θcm (deg)σ/σR (ratio)error (%)+δσ-δσ
19.41 1.0653 11.266 0.12001 0.12001
31.57 0.33958 8.858 0.030078 0.030078
43.43 0.030275 11.259 0.0034085 0.0034085