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Experimental data on elastic scattering

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7Be + 12C,   Elab=18.8 MeV

A. Barioni, J.C. Zamora, V. Guimaraes, B. Paes, J. Lubian, E.F. Aguilera, J.J. Kolata, A.L. Roberts, F.D. Becchetti, A. Villano, M. Ojaruega, H. Jiang,
Physical Review, C84 (2011) 014603
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Beam quality: The average primary beam intensity during the measurements was about 600 enA producing 8B, 7Be, and 6Li beams of 5*104, 105 and 2*108 pps, respectively.
Target: The carbon target (99.8% 12C) used in the measurements was a natural foil 1.1 mg/cm2 in thickness mounted in a target holder.
Data obtained: author graph (digitized with GSYS 2.4)
The secondary 8B and 7Be radioactive ion beams, together with the contaminant 6Li ions, were simultaneously produced by the TwinSol system installed at University of Notre Dame. The in-flight beams were produced by impinging a 35-MeV primary 6Li3+ beam on a 3He gas-cell production target. 

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Θcm (deg)σ/σR (ratio)error (%)+δσ-δσ
20.53 0.61422 13.313 0.081768 0.081768
29.46 0.41034 9.593 0.039361 0.039361
36.64 0.23172 10.35 0.023981 0.023981
45.09 0.14233 16.178 0.023026 0.023026