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Experimental data on elastic scattering

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6Li + 6Li,   Elab=5 MeV

K.W. Potthast, H. Brand, H. Freiesleben, P. Rosental, B. Kamys, H. Paetz gen. Schick, L. Sydow,
Nuclear Physics, A614 (1997) 95-111
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Beam quality: The beam current was limited to about 15-30 nA, depending on bombarding energy.
Target: In first run targets of metallic lithium were produced by evaporating 6Li (95% enrichment) onto carbon backings. Thin targets of typically 27 μg/cm2 6Li on carbon backings of 10 μg/cm2 were used. In second run target of mixed composition of 7Li (22.5 μg/cm2) and 6Li (40 μg/cm2) on carbon backings of 20 μg/cm2.
Data obtained: author graph (digitized with GSYS 2.4)
First experiment (Elab = 5-17 MeV) was carried out at the Dynamitron-Tandem Laboratorium at Ruhr-Universitat Bochum. Second experiment (Elab = 20-40 MeV) was carried out at the 10 MV Van de Graaff Tandem at the Koln Tandem. 

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Θcm (deg)dσ/dΩ (mb/sr)error (%)+δσ-δσ
59.44 132.4 13.852 18.34 18.34
69.73 95.43 20.214 19.29 19.29
79.57 83.13 11.354 9.438 9.438
89.4 72.42 18.186 13.17 13.17