Experimental data on
elastic scattering
evaporation residue

Experimental data on evaporation residues

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16O + 238U

K. Nishio, H. Ikezoe, Y. Nagame, M. Asai, K. Tsukada, S. Mitsuoka, K. Tsuruta, K. Satou, C. J. Lin, and T. Ohsawa,
Physical Review Letters, 93 (2004) 162701
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Beam quality: beam size of about 1 mm diameter
Target: natural Uranium target, 320 mu g/cm2
Detected particles: alpha-decay of EvR
Data obtained: digitized author's graph
JAERI-tandem accelerator 

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Ecm (MeV)σ (mb)+δσ-δσ
86.0322 0.0001037 0.00003175 0.00003175
88.0222 0.0002077 0.00003469 0.00003469
90.9422 0.0004642 0.00007752 0.00007752
95.0722 0.0002783 0.00005479 0.00005479
100.0522 0.0002235 0.00005479 0.00005479