Experimental data on
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evaporation residue

Experimental data on evaporation residues

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7Li + 208Pb

Moumita Maiti, Susanta Lahiri,
Physical Review, C 84 (2011) 67601
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Beam quality: no data
Target: (nat) 208Pb(NO3)2: (3.0+-0.3) mg/cm^2, aluminum foil backing 1.5 mg/cm^2
Detected particles: EvR
Data obtained: author's table
BARC-TIFR Pelletron Accelerator facility, Mumbai, India 

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Elab (MeV)σ (mb)+δσ-δσ
38.5 69.1 10.4 10.4
40.4 143.6 21.5 21.5
42.1 168.5 25.3 25.3
43.8 201.4 30.2 30.2
45.5 232.4 34.9 34.9