Experimental data on
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evaporation residue

Experimental data on evaporation residues

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48Ca + 204Pb

A.V. Belozerov, M.L. Chelnokov, V.I. Chepigin et al.,
European Physical Journal, A 16 (2003) 447
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Beam quality: no data
Target: 204PbS (99.6%): 230 mcg/cm^2, Ti backing foil 0.74 mg/cm^2
Detected particles: alpha-decay of EvR
Data obtained: author's graph
FLNR Dubna U400 cyclotron 

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Elab (MeV)σ (nb)+δσ-δσ
217.7 1.335 0.5762 0.4101
223.5 0.6632 0.3925 0.2792
229.3 0.2497 0.05647 0.1437
236 0.1791 0.04231 0.1791