Experimental data on
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Experimental data on evaporation residues

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124Sn + 94Zr

K.-H. Schmidt, P. Armbruster, F.P. Helssberger, G. Munzenberg, W. Reisdorf, C.-C. Sahm, D. Vermeulen, H.-G. Clerc, J. Keller, H. Schulte,
Zeitschrift fur Physik, A301 (1981) 21-28
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Beam quality: no data
Target: 94Zr; thickness: 800 mcg/cm2; Enrichment: 99.07% (0.24% 96Zr)
Detected particles: alpha-decay of EvR
Data obtained: digitized author's graph
The experiment was carried out by using the velocity filter SHIP at the UNILAC heavy ion accelerator. The evaporation residues were detected behind the velocity filter by a DE-E measurement and implanted into a surface barrier detector. They were individually identified by their subsequent alpha decay. 
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