Experimental data on
elastic scattering
evaporation residue

Experimental data on evaporation residues

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4He + 197Au

A. Djaloeis, P. Jahn, H.-J. Probst, C. Mayer-Böricke,
Nuclear Physics, A250 (1975) 149-162
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Beam quality: +-2 MeV
Target: stacks of gold and aluminium foils and copper degraders between them
Detected particles: gamma-rays of EvR
Data obtained: author's table
The irradiations were performed using the external beam of the Jülich isochronous cyclotron JULIC with alpha-particle energies up to 170 MeV and beam currents of about 80 μA. The radioactive decay of the residual nuclei was followed using conventional Ge(Li) 7-spectrometers. Generally the errors are estimated to be 12-15%, and amount to 20-25% for the most unfavourable cases. The (alpha, pxn) excitation functions were measured separately. In these cases the absolute errors are estimated to be approximately 8%. 

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Elab (MeV)σ (mb)+δσ-δσ
116.5 204 0 0
125.1 247 0 0
133.3 226 0 0
141.2 189 0 0
148.7 171 0 0
156 118 0 0