NRV: Evaporation residue cross section

Reaction: 16O + 154Sm  50 MeV ≤ Ecm ≤ 80 MeV (∆E=2 MeV)
use empirical formula for the CN formation probability (PCN) [5]
(otherwise PCN=1)
calculate fission Z-N yield for fission events [6]
(for Monte-Carlo only)
Decay of fragments
Experimental data:
Default values of all parameters
Fission width
Kramers factor:
β 1021 s-1
ħωg.s. MeV
ħωsd MeV
Fission delay:τdelay 10-21 s
Level-density parameter:

α β γ
Moment of inertia:
Collective enhancement of level density
Kcoll=Krot(E)·φ(β2)+Kvib(E)·(1-φ(β2))  [2]
Kcoll=Krot(E) (deformed nuclei case)
Kcoll=Kvib(E) (spherical nuclei case)
Deformation dependence of collective enhancement
Energy dependence of collective enhancement
Ecr MeV
ΔEcr MeV
Krot= ·
Kvib=exp( A2/3T4/3)  [3]
Kvib= ·βeff2·  [4]
βeff= + ΔN + ΔZ
ΔN (ΔZ) are the absolute values of the numbers of neutrons (protons) above or below nearest shell closure
Monte-Carlo simulation (all possible channels)
Multifold integration (1n-4n channels)

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