Samarin V.V.

Leading Research Scientist, Doctor of Sciences
Viacheslav Samarin
Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, 141980

Tel. : +7 (49621) 62023, Fax : +7 (49621) 65083,



Mini CV
Date and Place of Birth 30-th July 1954, Port Arthur (now Lushun), China
Marital Status Married
Nationality Russia
Position Leading Research Scientist of Theoretical and Computational group of FLNR

Education and previous positions


Graduated from the Chuvash State University (Physics Faculty, specialisation in theoretical physics)


postgraduate student in Moscow State University, Physics Faculty, nuclear physics department


lecturer, associate professor in Chuvash State University, Physics Faculty, theoretical and experimental physics department


Got the degree of Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics) at Moscow State University. Work supervised by Professor A.F. Tulinov.
"Investigation of transfer processes at axial channeling in crystals".


associate professor in Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (branch of the Moscow University of Consumers' Cooperatives), information systems department


Got the degree of Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics) at St. Petersburg State University.
"Investigation of methods for near-barrier heavy ion fusion and their applications to ion-atom collisions".


professor, head the physics department in Cheboksary Polytechnic Institute (branch of the Moscow State Open University), information technologies department, physics department


Leading Research Scientist, Doctor of Sciences in Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions ( JINR )

Research Field

Theoretical Nuclear Physics,
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions,
Computational Physics,
Visualization and computer simulation of physical processes (Fortran, C++)

Main research areas

  • Heavy-ion physics,
  • Atomic physics,
  • Mathematical physics,
  • Computing methods in quantum mechanics,
  • Coupled channel method,
  • Time-dependent Shrodinger equation method,
  • Nucleons transfer processes.

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