NRV: history of development

Year Stage Financial support
1989 First idea to use all the possibilities of PC graphical screen for creation of easily handling software for low energy nuclear physics combining experimantal nuclear data and most popular theoretical models of nuclear dynamics ...
1990-1993 Creation of the MS DOS version of the low energy nuclear software named NRV - "Nuclear Reactions Video". It offers the following possibilities
  • Nuclear Map (nuclear masses, modes of decay, half-lifes,..., obtaining any systematics)
  • Elastic Scattering (Classical model, Optical model)
  • Inelastic Scattering (Classical model with friction)
  • Fusion (Classical model with friction, Langevin equations, Driving potentials)
  • Kinematics
Partially supported by
Flerov Lab. of Nuclear Reactions,
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
1994 Decision to sale the NRV software to find money for its further development
Later we have refused this way of getting money and started to find anybody who is interested in specific expansion of the NRV for his own purposes. Finally the customer gets the complete NRV system.
Purchasing the NRV (DOS version) by
Kurchatov Institute, Moscow,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,
Cyclotron Institute, Texas A&M University,
KVI, Netherlands,
1995-1997 Creation of the NRV based on the Windows 95/NT operation system Partially supported by
Swedish Ministry of Education,
Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg
1999 Launch the project of allocation of the NRV into the Web.
OM, DWBA and CC in the Internet!
Who may dream about this few years ago?
Grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research:
Proj. No. 99-07-90116,
Proj. No. 01-07-90191,
Proj. No. 03-07-90373
... We are making this for all community!
The NRV in the Web will be available to any remote user.
We, nevertheless, need a support for further development of the "nuclear knowledge base". We are ready also to collaborate with any group or person.

V.I. Zagrebaev
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