Experimental data on
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evaporation residue

Experimental data on evaporation residues

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4He + 27Al

A. Kirov, N. Nenoff, D. Kolev,
Zeitschrift fur Physik, 341 (1992) 443-452
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Beam quality: 0.4 μA
Target: Al backing and the covering Al foils
Detected particles: gamma-rays of EvR
Data obtained: author's table
Accompanying results. The main experiment was performed with Te target. The cross sections were deduced from the aluminum backing and the covering aluminum foil of the first target. The stack was irradiated with alpha-particles at the U-200 cyclotron of the JINR, Dubna. The irradiated targets were hermetically sealed in polyethylene envelopes and 3 gamma-spectra with different accumulation times for each of them were measured with a 100 cm3 Ge(Li) detector at 65 mm distance to its surface. 

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Elab (MeV)σ (mb)+δσ-δσ
36.5 0.007 0.002 0.002
Elab (MeV)σ (mb)+δσ-δσ
36.5 0.043 0.008 0.008
Elab (MeV)σ (mb)+δσ-δσ
36.5 0.28 0.04 0.04